Saint Patrick’s Day, Salamanca Style, on

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A week at home, part two


Back and settled in Salamanca after a week home in Dublin, Ireland. Over at my new address…Read More.

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Moving…Please Follow Me!


Hi guys! I wanted more flexibility for the site and a new place to create and write, so the new site is here. Please follow again!

Same style, same posts (I’ve brought them all with me!) same everything really. It just gives me a bit more room to fix things up my way. Sadly, I lost my WordPress followers, who I very much appreciate! If you would like to continue following my posts, you can do so over on the new site, at the footer (I’m sorry this will require scrolling…still trying to move it all to the sidebar!). Please don’t press ‘Follow’ on Clementine and Lace, as I’ll be redirecting soon! (Thank you to those who did after this post though…I do appreciate it but I won’t be continuing here)

Thank you so much for reading Clementine and Lace, and I hope you’ll read more travel, recipes, reviews and lifestyle over at Travel Style Food.

If you have any questions or would like to say hello, I’m now at